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About Trendat

Trendat App was designed to bring all trending hashtags from both Twitter and Instagram automatically and on daily basis to help individuals and businesses including marketing agencies to get the latest trending hashtags categorized in various categories like sport, health, politics, technology, etc.
The platform focuses on the latest trends in Arab countries and middle east while most of the other apps are bringing generic hashtags without classifying them based on GEO locations or based on any topic.
We have implemented many smart algorithms that work on categorizing and filtering trending hashtags by matching them from both Twitter and Instagram to get an accurate categorization for both platforms.

Why Trendat?

Based on the traffic analysis for the “هاشتاق” search keyword and other related keywords we have found a very high demand and search traffic using those keywords.
Individuals, Influencers and Agencies usually use trending and high volume hashtags as one of the easiest tactics that can drive more engagements to their posts on Twitter and Instagram.
Building such app should help those users and agencies to get an updated information for their campaigns and even for their daily personal use.

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